Artist & sculptor
Marina has been meditating for many years, as a busy working mother, she found that meditation has been the cornerstone for a balanced, creative and productive life. In her personal search to demystify meditation and make its benefits more accessible to everyone, the image of The Meditator evolved.
Marina is an advisor to the Oxford Mindfulness Centre and the Live to Love Charity which is a secular non-profit serving the people and resources of the Himalayas while improving the quality of life for 1.3 billion people throughout the region.

She has created a unique design which reflects a personal interpretation of the qualities of wisdom knowledge, compassion and human perfection. 
The prototype for the jewellery piece is a stunning six foot bronze sculpture.
Each part of the image represents an intrinsic quality:
The Head – ultimate wisdom and knowledge;
The Heart - love and compassion;
The Central Space – spaciousness, emptiness and integration of mind, body and spirit.
                                 ALL IS WELL